Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A familiar sight, way back when…….

seems like only yesterday


My father adored my mother.  To say that he worshiped the ground she walked on is no exaggeration.  She was the sun, the moon and the stars to him.  He always said, “your mother’s always right.”  At the time I would think to myself, “no one is always right.”  In retrospect, dad was right.  Hazel had an intuitive sense which was spot on.  Oh how I wish I could tap into her thoughts right now.  She had a way of getting me out of a funk.  Her sage wisdom is surely missed.

This picture is taken in the backyard of our business and residence @ 2001 Consaul Street in Toledo, Ohio.  Circa 1968.


bailey said...

mmm in some weird sense i wish i had known them way back when~~
i still treasure our time together and the window you gave me into a different and so interesting world. and i again apologize for any insensitivity from our relationship.

bailey said...

so i always thought it was mariska suzika gezelka kigyossi-- will u correct me?

Mariska said...

hey, bailey....i am just now seeing this post....not exactly sure who you are, nor will the link allow me access to your blog...please enlighten me. and yes, you are absolutely is mariska suzika gizelka kigyossi, in hungarian. the LaCava, is the married add-on. and the Kinsey is the name that my grandfather chose to change it to when he Americanized our name.....anyway, Baily...send me an email at

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