Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A familiar sight, way back when…….

seems like only yesterday


My father adored my mother.  To say that he worshiped the ground she walked on is no exaggeration.  She was the sun, the moon and the stars to him.  He always said, “your mother’s always right.”  At the time I would think to myself, “no one is always right.”  In retrospect, dad was right.  Hazel had an intuitive sense which was spot on.  Oh how I wish I could tap into her thoughts right now.  She had a way of getting me out of a funk.  Her sage wisdom is surely missed.

This picture is taken in the backyard of our business and residence @ 2001 Consaul Street in Toledo, Ohio.  Circa 1968.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

our grandchildren

Sammy and Mason in their
clown garb at a local parade
today, near their home town...

one saturday this summer....

One Saturday morning, two of my favorite people strolled along. While I on the otherhand hustled to get ahead of them in order to capture the moment. Ah, success!

A quick stop to pose with the cactus!

Waiting outside the "Cup Cafe" in the lobby of Hotel Congress.....

Couldn't leave without a picture at the outside entrance.

On Saturday mornings when Joe is able, in otherwords, not working, the Cup Cafe has become one of our favorite places to leisurely have breakfast. The atmosphere captures Tucson ambience. Combined with a friendly staff, great food -including to-die-for desserts- YES, even at breakfast, we always leave there filled, both spirit and belly.

Monday, September 28, 2009

the dog wins!

Now this is what
would call

one spoiled dog.
He worked on
all day long

coming home from California
Joe gave it to him.....

that's a
good boy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

oh no jax, what are you thinking?

i came around the corner
from the kitchen, and to my surprise,
JAX was posed on my mother's
lovely hungarian embroidered piece....
if you think that she would have been thrilled to see this, think again! it is probably a good thing for JAX that she didn't see this, as he may have become AXED the dog of the past!!!

birthday cake, day 2

this is
the reason we have come to our senses,
ordering a 6 inch cake...the same amount
would most probably be missing.... guaranteed,
keep in mind there are only 3 of us.....
feel the 1 of the birthday coming soon!
i know the cake picture is a little fuzzy, but so am
i from all the chocolate. can you tell that i love
this heart picture? okay, okay, i will keep it fresh
and interesting from here on in. as in, i will only post
the heart picture on every other page vs 3x's on the
first page. that's a deal!!! now, that is my idea of a
perfect, that noone has a choice in, but me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentimes day
to all my loved ones.
(some of whom will know
my easel for this picture
with-a-heart comes from)...nothing like
old funeral home chairs
made new...

and yes i do know that valentines is spelled with an "n", just couldn't resist letting my tongue-in-cheek humor come just so you know, as if you didn't, i love each and everyone of you, my family and friends alike with all my heart and soul...may this day be surrounded with love and laughter!
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